Online Mindfulness Course

The Inspired Living Online Mindfulness course was created for busy people who can learn and practice mindfulness from any location at any time.

Our course is easy to follow with 24 exercises in total and both audio and videos to guide you at pace that suits you. 

With our online mindfulness course you will learn the skills you need to help you deal with anything negative or challenging in your life. This in time opens you up to a deeper acceptance of yourself and to view challenges in a whole new way.

For many people mindfulness is now a way of life. So what does this actually mean? Well, when you are being mindful you are very much living in the moment. You are fully aware of all of your surroundings and you accept everything that is happening to you with no negativity or judgement. You are kind to yourself and indeed to others.

When you practice the mindfulness exercises in this program, you too will be able to experience greater peacefulness and greater satisfaction with life. This is the great gift of mindfulness. We can be honest with you and tell you that you might not find this program easy, but then again most of the things that are really worthwhile in life aren’t easy either.

Course Overview

The online mindfulness course takes 8 weeks to complete, however you can extend this by repeating parts of the course or going back to focus on certain areas.

Throughout the course, you will be asked to play audio or video files.  At the end of each day you have two exercises to complete – the daily activity and experience awareness questions which you will find in your A5 diary. These questions allow you to keep a record of your mindfulness practice and journey.


  • It frees us of negative emotions
  • It deters you from unhelpful habits and negative thinking
  • It will bring balance to both sides of your brain
  • It gives you ‘time-out’, allowing your brain to re-charge from information overload
  • Mindfulness allows your body to find its natural rhythm again
  • Most important of all, it helps you to be yourself.

So If You Are Interested..

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