Online Mindfulness Program

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a simple but effective form of meditation.

It will help you to refocus, manage stress and gain clarity.

Your Journey Into Mindfulness

When it comes to our Online Mindfulness Course we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.

online mindfulness course that can be done at home

Our mindfulness course is mobile, it travels with you. You can practice these exercises before a presentation, before an important meeting, whenever you need to.  Do them when you are relaxing on your own.

The online mindfulness course can be completed on your laptop. This avoids the stress of trying to get to a venue at a very specific time. Now you can complete the course when it suits you!

During the mindfulness course you will be asked to note your thoughts and feelings in the diary provided after you complete each exercise.

While this is a very easy step, it’s important for your progress to do it every day.

Previous participants of mindfulness courses have said that after a few weeks of practice, although their time to "do things" is technically 30 minutes less, there can be a feeling of having more space and time, even in the middle of a very busy day. Have a look at what mindfulness involves in our video opposite;

See what your course consists of here

Our webinar is the perfect way to learn Mindfulness. Just email us your queries and in each webinar your mindfulness teacher will answer as many of your questions as possible.

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Studies have proven that Online Mindfulness Courses are as effective as face to face courses.

For more information chat to us today.

The Benefits?

Our mindfulness course is completed online!  No waiting, No stress, No travel, No hassle.


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A Healthier You

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Begin Your Mindful Journey
"I recommend this mindfulness course to anyone looking to relieve stress and anxiety."
This Online course is a wonderful introduction to Mindfulness which has helped me start on the road to making really significant changes in my life.
Joanna Anderlini, Read More